Connected across borders

For greater German-Danish and Europe-wide understanding: Since 2020, the Minority Competence Network of Schleswig-Holstein/South Denmark e. V. (MKN) has undertaken significant networking for minorities and the majority population in Schleswig-Holstein, South Denmark and Europe.

Based in the Academy Center Sankelmark, the regional and cross-border association offers various activities by and for national and regional minorities in the German-Danish border region.

Our events focus on the implementation of minority policy in the German-Danish borderland. The experiences gained in this way are communicated throughout Europe. The commitment of the network is institutionally supported by the state of Schleswig-Holstein and the region Syddanmark.

Our members

Fully networked

Helen Christiansen has supported us since November 2020 as a coordinator at her duty station in the European Academy Schleswig-Holstein in the Academy Center Sankelmark in Oeversee near Flensburg. Previously, she worked with the Minorities Secretariat as a parental leave replacement and as part of a long-term project management of the Youth of European Nationalities (YEN/YEV) in Berlin.

"Ik ban Helen Christiansen än ik kam üt Nordfraschlönj” (North Frisian dialect): Helen Christiansen comes from Nordfriesland and belongs to the North Frisian and Danish minority. After her studies in Denmark, she worked for several years in Berlin, among others at the Youth of European Nationalities and the Minorities Secretariat.

"I hope that I can make good use of the network's capacities to take on some of the work of the associations and organisations of the national minorities in the borderland, especially in public relations. It would be nice if new groups of visitors could be developed, resulting in new projects or contacts throughout Europe," says Helen Christiansen.

Thank you for your support