Events 2022 

Below you will find an overview of our events in 2022. If you would like to know more about the events, please contact us.


Thinking beyond borders 

"The thought is perhaps naive, but I would like to visit exactly such regions as these in order to be able to take some of the knowledge and experience back to my home country at some point and transfer it there".

This statement comes from Valeriia, who came to Poland from Ukraine to study before the outbreak of the war. From 19th to 24th of June, she and 9 other students from Szczecin took part in the seminar "Thinking Beyond Borders" organised by the Minority Competence Network.

During 5 seminar days, the participants got to know the minorities in the German-Danish borderland and learned about their history as well as their current situation.

We would like to thank the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of Schleswig-Holstein for funding the project.

European Charter of Languages in Reality

How are minority languages dealt with in Europe? What is the current situation for minorities in Europe?

During the seminar, young people from Poland and Germany visited places in the border region where German and Danish life meet. Various lectures, a film presentation and a concert were also part of the program.

The seminar was a cooperation between the DPJW and MKN. 

You can find more impressions in the video: 

Civil Society Dialogue

At the end of the year, participants from all over Europe (Poland, Albania, Ukraine and Germany) met for a seminar at the Sankelmark Academy to discuss the fundamental rights of national minorities. During the seminar, the participants got to know the German-Danish borderland and visited the A. P. Møller skolen, Risem Schölj, the Sinti and Roma and the Knivsberg.


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